MBR – care on the border of medicine

MBR – Medical Beauty Research®: The high-end beauty brand promises care that borders on medicine. And starts where normal skin care ends. The MBR high-end concept maintenance differs from everything that has come before in cosmetics. The first German high-tech premium brand is the result of intensive research by leading dermatologists and aesthetic medicine specialists. The aim was to develop anti-aging products with the highest possible concentration of active ingredients while at the same time being optimally skin-friendly.


Vitalization and anti-aging with MBR®

MBR: Nursing on the verge of medicine

Evenly smooth skin, well-groomed contours and a youthful appearance – achieving and maintaining this goal is the task of MBR Medical Beauty Research®.
Specially developed product lines and balanced treatment methods are tailored to the individual needs of the skin and offer optimal treatment, protection and long-term care for the skin in every condition.


The MBR maintenance principle

Unique, indispensable, sustainable and individual. The MBR care principle of opening, supplying and closing leads to a significantly improved complexion. It’s a simple but powerful formula that revitalizes the skin.

Maintenance principle “Open”:
The enzymatic fruit acid peelings loosen all cornifications and prepare the skin for the absorption of the high-dose active ingredient preparations.

Care principle “care”:
Highly dosed active ingredients with optimal tolerance work specifically on the epidermal and dermal level and start the resuscitation of the skin’s own cell function.

Maintenance principle “close”:
The applied active ingredients are enclosed in the skin in order to intensify their effect and stimulate the epidermis to function in a qualitatively balanced manner.


MBR: skin care made in Germany

MBR has its headquarter in the state-approved spa town of Bad Schlema since 2000.

Cosmetics from MBR are associated with innovation as well as tradition, efficacy, compatibility, functionality, reliability and durability.

MBR: Result of intensive cosmetic research

The global principle of action of all MBR products creates a multitude of epidermal, dermal and cosmetic effects, which only together make up the perfection of this extraordinary brand.

As a German TÜV-certified company, it is part of the MBR philosophy to use only the best active ingredients with the highest possible concentration and optimal skin tolerance, strictly in accordance with these guidelines.
MBR is the result of intensive cosmetic research focused on skin aging and anti-aging. The result: MBR – care at the edge of medicine.


The products were and are developed in cooperation with recognized experts in the fields of

  • Plastic surgery and dermatology
  • Biochemistry
  • Toxicology and microbiology
  • Formulation technology developed

The focus on research and development inevitably led to the product range being focused on the core of problem solutions.

During development, considerations about the cost of formulations do not play a role in principle. Those involved in the MBR development team are completely free to choose which combination of active ingredients and which formulation variant they choose.

In this way, even highly synergetic principles can be implemented, which in this form are probably unique worldwide. The goal is always to achieve “the best possible”.

In addition, highly efficient treatment methods are taught in special training courses (training to become a dermaceutic therapist), which respond individually to the needs of the customer.