MSB – my special beauty

MSB Cosmetics: Skin care that sets new standards: The skin is the largest human organ and at the same time the mirror of our soul. If we're doing well, our skin also looks healthy - and vice versa. MSB Cosmetics: A pure skin, a flawless complexion. Today it is easier than ever to achieve a beautiful complexion with the products from MSB Cosmeceuticals® .

Do you also want supple and smooth skin? Are you suffering from dry skin, redness, or irritation? Do you want an antiaging product that really does what it says on the tin? With MSB - my special beauty - you care for your largest organ in a clever and targeted manner, because MSB Cosmetics is skin care that sets new standards. The product range in the MSB cosmetics shop comprises the three categories of basic care, special care and final care. With these professional cosmetics for home, you can specifically meet the individual care needs of your skin.


Visible immediate effect with MSB Cosmeceuticals® ​

MSB Cosmeceuticals®products contain special, therapeutically active ingredients in special concentrations that significantly improve your skin's appearance when used consistently. Thanks to intensive research by leading developers, MSB cosmetic is more effective than conventional cosmetic care products.


The latest findings from skin research are always incorporated into the further development of MSB products. The highest quality and greatest possible safety are guaranteed. When using MSB Cosmeceuticals®, a visible immediate effect occurs due to the highly effective ingredients. You can also satisfy particularly complex demands of your skin at home with MSB professional cosmetics, because the effective principle of action leaves nothing to be desired.


In the muse BEAUTY cosmetics shop you will find seven active ingredient sera for the seven most important skin needs:

  • Skin dryness
  • Skin redness (irritation)
  • Pigment spots and shifts
  • Imperfections (acne)
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Fruit acids as an all-rounder in MSB products

For various skin conditions, fruit acids are ideal skin care ingredients because they contain both keratolytic and keratoplastic substances. This means that the MSB products with organic fruit acids have a softening and dissolving effect against cornification and dead skin. On the other hand, they also support the formation of new skin cells. The fruit acids are very effective and make a decisive contribution to the care of the top layers of the skin. Mechanical peelings with abrasive particles are widespread, but the facial skin is severely affected and micro-injuries occur. MSB cosmetics with fruit acids, on the other hand, exfoliate the skin very finely and mildly on the surface, without any great risk of irritation.


Fruit acids from MSB Cosmetics support the effective treatment of:

  • fine lines
  • skin that lost elasticity
  • dull, pale and rough skin texture
  • light-related pigment spots
  • different forms of acne
  • superficial skin scars
  • impure and coarse-pored skin

You can order basic care, special care and final care here in the muse BEAUTY cosmetics shop .


The basic care of MSB Cosmetics begins with a thorough facial cleansing. This removes sebum, impurities and make-up. Cleansing is the cornerstone for the following care, because first the skin must be freed from everything that prevents it from breathing freely. Only when dead skin cells and cornification have been specifically loosened and removed can the skin care products be absorbed more easily and better. Thus, after a thorough cleansing of the face, the positive effect of the MSB special and final care is also enhanced.


Special care includes serums to prevent wrinkles for mature skin, fresh cream masks or intensively soothing and moisturizing gels for dry facial skin. The final care product protects the skin from external influences with an invisible, smooth protective film.

With system care in three steps to perfect skin​

If you are at MSB Cosmeceuticals ®, you have three product groups to choose from. The optimal combination of the individual components will soon convince you with a visibly improved complexion.

Facial cleansing

The basis of any system care product is cleaning the skin. At MSB, the cleaning concept consists of three stages. After the cleansing, the toning follows, followed by a fruit acid or enzyme peeling.

Special care

After the first step, your skin is optimally prepared for the active ingredients of the system care. MSB offers you solutions for every individual skin problem. There are special products for every appearance with which you can complete the maintenance-related impulses set in the first step.

Final care

In the third step, you crown your care ritual with a conclusion that is appropriate for your skin type. In this way you enclose the ingredients of your system care products in the skin, where they can optimally develop their intensive effect.

Cleaning as the basis of the MSB cosmetic system care​

Why is a thorough facial cleansing so important? Get rid of the remains of the day from your skin so it can breathe freely again. Because the mixture of make-up, sebum and pollution from the environment that has accumulated on your face by the evening clogs the pores and impairs the natural functions of the skin. A clear, healthy complexion can only arise on cleansed facial skin. The skin pretreated with the MSB basic care is optimally adjusted to the effect of the serums, masks and creams of our system care.

Special care: initiator of system care​

Give your skin exactly the care that your personal type needs. Our system maintenance offers individual components for every appearance. In this way, you can professionally adapt your care to the detailed requirements of your skin. Highly concentrated serums deliver their active ingredients specifically and intensively to the skin. Such applications reward you with a quickly visible care success. But the face masks from the MSB care series also meet the highest demands in terms of high-quality skin care. Masks are quickly effective beauty helpers that can be used effectively at every opportunity.


The correct conclusion of the MSB system maintenance​

The final maintenance allows the individual components to come to an overall effective result. A smooth protective film remains on the skin as the finish of the system care. Your face is optimally protected from environmental influences and the skin's natural protective acid mantle remains intact.