Skin care: the MBR care principle

MBR care principle: revitalizing your skin

Uniformly smooth skin. Well-groomed contours. skin rejuvenation. Achieve and maintain a youthful appearance. With the unique MBR care principle, you can achieve these beauty goals even more easily and quickly. And immerse yourself in a new dimension of anti-aging care. Because the mechanisms of action of the MBR care products are subject to a simple and effective principle:

  • Open
  • Take care of
  • Close

With these effective application levels, the high-end skin care line MBR® offers a unique revitalization of your skin. With the highest possible concentrations of active ingredients and at the same time optimal skin compatibility. This care principle is the key to a lastingly improved and rejuvenated complexion. 


The MBR care principle: OPEN, SUPPLY, CLOSE

The MBR care principle "Open"

The enzymatic fruit acid peelings remove all calluses and prepare the skin to absorb the highly dosed active ingredients.

The cornerstone of all considerations regarding the MBR preparations is the clarification of the question with which reliability the desired dermo-cosmetic results can be achieved. The degree of penetration of the active molecules often plays a decisive role here.

In particular, peptides, vitamins or fractions of macromolecules can only develop their full potential under optimal conditions, namely after penetrating the uppermost layer of the skin.

In order to ensure this, particular attention was paid to the MBR opening process, ie the preparation of the top layer of skin for the subsequent active ingredient preparations.

The MBR care principle "care"

The highest possible dosage of active ingredients with optimal tolerability work specifically on the epidermal and dermal level and start the reanimation and regeneration of the skin's own cell functions.

What is truly exclusive about the MBR principle of "supply" is that the company can draw on global resources at any time thanks to the continuous further development of the products. In this way, individual or multiple building blocks can be replaced by the latest generation of active ingredients if this brings benefits in terms of product effectiveness.

MBR users are therefore continuously taking part in a sensationally accelerated, cosmetological advancement, mostly without even noticing the slightest bit.
Instead of waiting many years for the relaunch of existing lines, MBR customers can always be sure that they will experience the latest research and actively use it.

While most manufacturers have to decide on one or the other anti-aging strategy, MBR offers the skin a whole bundle of concentrated measures in the "supply phase" of its products:

  • Protection of DNA
  • Improvement of cell longevity and high-quality cell regeneration, stabilization of the dermo-epidermal interlocking through to the physical smoothing of wrinkles
  • all exclusive methods that currently exist

The MBR care principle "Close"

The active ingredients applied are locked into the skin to intensify their effect and stimulate the epidermis to qualitatively balanced and optimal functioning.

Actually, the principle of "closing" always includes a component of care, but the details would lead too far at this point. Special messengers such as cytokines, matricines and phytohormones stimulate the epidermis to function in a qualitatively balanced and optimal manner in order to perfect the effect of the MBR care preparations.

But MBR does not leave the selection of the actual care basis of the emulsions to chance, but uses combinations of selected lipids, intensively effective moisturizing factors and sustainable protective substances that are specially tailored to the skin type.

This is the only way to achieve the visible improvement in the skin structure that is so typical of MBR products.

What makes MBR® so special?

MBR Medical Beauty Research®, skin care on the borderline to medicine, starts where normal skin care ends.MBR is the result of intensive cosmetic research with a focus on skin aging and anti-aging. The products were and are made in cooperation with recognized experts in the fields

  • Plastic Surgery and Dermatology
  • biochemistry
  • Toxicology and Microbiology and
  • formulation technology developed.