Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. Coco Chanel


Geraldine Khakshouri Founder of muse BEAUTY


The founding of the muse BEAUTY online shop was actually predictable. Through my jobs in the fashion industry at BOSS and s.Oliver, I kept coming into contact with the beauty scene. My job as a photographer has further increased my enthusiasm for the world of cosmetics and care products.

We love this quote and believe in the beauty of every person. Be your own muse. This is exactly where our beauty products in the muse BEAUTY online shop come in. They cleanse, care for and nourish, achieve immediate effects and create this pleasant feeling in your own skin.

We have tested all of the extraordinary skincare and fragrance brands in our shop beforehand and only included the most convincing brands in our selective cosmetics portfolio. We look forward to a fine range of products from the areas of skin care, hair care, make-up, nails, body, sun protection and perfume.

muse BEAUTY is a Swiss online shop founded in 2021 for high-quality and luxurious cosmetics and care products and exciting niche brands that were previously only known to beauty and fashion insiders. A small, very committed team around founder Geraldine Khakhouri is constantly online and in the big cities on the lookout for new products and the latest beauty trends. This is how we at muse BEAUTY keep discovering and testing exciting beauty products and cult brands for our range.
Our goal is to present a boutique beauty shop with high quality and innovative products and brands based on current research and to expand our offer step by step. The beauty wishes and care needs of men are of course also taken into account. muse BEAUTY - that is much more than conventional cosmetics.

Enjoy an unforgettable shopping experience with a wide range of skin care, hair care, make-up, nails, body, sunscreen and perfume products.

A unique place in the portfolio is occupied by medical beauty products from the brand MBR® - Medical Beauty Research . MBR® products start where normal skin care ends. They can therefore definitely be described as skin care on the border to medicine.

However, the deciding factor in the decision to found a company in the beauty sector was a completely different one, a very personal one. I suffered from acute skin problems for years. This went so far that a few years ago I had to be treated as an inpatient in the hospital with severe inflammatory reactions of the skin. The diagnosis was chronic atopic eczema. The right choice of beauty products, a conscious lifestyle and the supply of nutrients through a healthy diet and selected dietary supplements helped me to heal in the long term. Today, this major problem is mostly under control for me. Since then, I've been following the beauty market with different eyes and with increased interest. The path to our own online beauty shop with convincing care products was the logical consequence.”

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