Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our products: MBR - Medical Beauty Research®,MSB - My Special Beauty®

MBR - Medical Beauty Research® - FAQ

The abbreviation MBR stands for Medical Beauty Research®.The German specialist cosmetics company MBR based in Bad Schlema has been supplying its high-quality, high-end concept care products since 2001. 

MBR Medical Beauty Research ® is skin care on the borderline to medicine. MBR products start where normal skin care ends. This distinguishes the MBR high-end concept update from everything that has gone before in cosmetics.

The first German high-tech premium brand in the cosmetics sector is the result of intensive research by leading dermatologists and aesthetic medicine specialists. The aim was to develop anti-ageing preparations with the highest possible concentration of active ingredients while at the same time being optimally skin-friendly.

MBR has had its headquarters in the state-approved spa town of Bad Schlema since 2000. The company based there knows exactly how to successfully “connect the past with the future”.

Cosmetics from MBR are associated with innovation as well as tradition, effectiveness, tolerability, functionality, reliability and durability.

MBR is unique, indispensable, sustainable and individual.

The global active principle of all MBR products creates a variety of epidermal, dermal and cosmetic effects, which only together make up the perfection of this extraordinary brand.

As a German TÜV-certified company, it is part of the MBR philosophy to only use the best active ingredients in the highest possible concentration with optimum skin compatibility, strictly in accordance with these guidelines. In short: MBR is innovative, sustainable skin care made in Germany. For all skin types, for every situation.

MBR Medical Beauty Research®, skin care on the borderline to medicine, starts where normal skin care ends.

MBR is the result of intensive cosmetic research with a focus on skin aging and anti-aging.
The products were and are made in cooperation with recognized experts in the fields

  • Plastic Surgery and Dermatology
  • Biochemistry
  • Toxicology and Microbiology
  • and formulation technology developed

The focus on research and development inevitably meant that the range was geared towards the core of problem solving.
In principle, considerations of the costs of the formulations play no role during development. Those involved in the MBR development team are completely free to choose which combination of active ingredients and which recipe variant they choose.

In this way, even complex and highly synergetic principles can be implemented that are probably unique in this form worldwide. The goal is always to achieve “the best possible”.

In addition, highly efficient treatment methods that respond individually to the needs of the customer are taught in special training courses (training as a dermaceutician).


For MBR, the reliability of the desired results has top priority. The degree of penetration, the concentration and the residence time of the active molecules play a decisive role here. That is why MBR brings the sum of the mechanisms of action to the point with a simple but effective principle: open, supply, close.

The principle of "opening"

The cornerstone of all considerations regarding our preparations is the clarification of the question of how reliably the desired dermo-cosmetic results can be achieved. The degree of penetration of the active molecules often plays a decisive role here.
In particular, peptides, vitamins or fractions of macromolecules can only develop their full potential under optimal conditions - namely after penetrating the uppermost skin layer.
In order to ensure this, special attention was paid to the MBR opening process, ie the preparation of the top layer of skin for the subsequent active ingredient preparations. 

The principle of care

What is truly exclusive about the MBR principle of "supply" is that through the continuous development of our products we can access global resources at any time, and can replace one or more building blocks with the latest generation of active ingredients if this brings advantages for the product effectiveness.
The MBR user thus takes part in a sensationally accelerated, cosmetological advancement, usually without even noticing the slightest bit.
Instead of waiting many years for existing lines to be relaunched, MBR customers can always be sure that they are directly involved in the latest research.

Experts can recognize the MBR program of "Constant Progress Development" (CPD) from the detail that the ingredient information was applied via a variable label and not via the actual printing of the packaging. Only in this way can the development results really be implemented in the shortest possible time.

While most manufacturers have to decide on one or the other anti-aging strategy, MBR offers the skin a whole bundle of concentrated measures in the "supply phase" of its products:

  • Protection of DNA
  • Improvement of cell longevity and high-quality cell regeneration, stabilization of the dermo-epidermal interlocking through to the physical smoothing of wrinkles
  • All exclusive methods that currently exist.

The principle of "closing"

Actually, the principle of "closing" always includes a component of care, but the details would lead too far at this point.
Special messenger substances such as cytokines, matricines and phytohormones stimulate the epidermis to function in a qualitatively balanced and optimal manner in order to perfect the effect of the MBR care preparations.
But MBR does not leave the selection of the actual care basis of the emulsions to chance, but uses combinations of selected lipids, intensively effective moisturizing factors and sustainable protective substances that are specially tailored to the skin type.

This is the only way to achieve the visible improvement in the skin structure that is so typical of MBR products.

Yes, MBR® Care products are coordinated. So you can easily connect these to each other. For MBR, the reliability of the results achieved has the highest priority. Here, the Degree of Penetration, the Concentration and the Permeability of the Active Molecules play an important role. Therefore, MBR brings the Sum of the Working Mechanisms with a simple but effective principle on the point: Opening. Cared for. Close.

Dermatologists demand appropriate exposure to the sun and effective products that offer safety and multi-active care - even in everyday life. MBR Medical Beauty Research® has taken this requirement into account and developed a high-tech sun protection care.The sun protection care with the innovative MBR SUN GUIDE SYSTEM offers the right protection for every skin type according to the latest findings in medicine and biotechnology. MBR offers medical sun care products with different protection levels.After sun products, the After Sun Cream Mask and the “After Sun Body” moisture balancer are particularly popular.

Modukine TM  Body Lotion is an excellent anti-irritant soothing lotion that soothes unpleasant effects of the skin, reduces itching and prevents skin irritation.

MBR uses Modukine TM  - a unique complex of active ingredients to restore the barrier function. The organic milk peptide, consisting of at least 10 amino acids, repairs the damaged lipid barrier and regulates the cornification process of atopic skin. The products with the active ingredient complex Modukine TM  are suitable for all skin types and counteract inflammatory processes in the skin at the cellular level. Itching and reddening of stressed skin are reduced, the lipid barrier and normal skin function are restored.

The face is the main feature of a person, it makes the person an individual, carries the characteristic features of the personality to the outside, reflects emotions and is the reflection of the attitude towards life. It tells your own and very personal life story.

Not least because of this, signs of aging and problem areas first become visible there.

MBR has also developed products for facial care with the highest possible concentration of active ingredients and at the same time optimal skin compatibility.

MBR has numerous hair care products in its range.From shampoo to conditioner to hair and scalp serums, you can always pamper your hair.You can find the individual products in our muse BEAUTY shop.

MSB - My Special Beauty® - FAQ

MSB ® stands for Medical Spirit of Beauty. With  MSB - my special beauty  - you care for your largest organ in a clever and targeted way, because MSB cosmetics is skin care that sets new standards.

The product range in the MSB cosmetics shop includes the three categories of basic care, special care and final care. With these  professional cosmetics for at home,  you can specifically meet the individual care needs of your skin.

MSB Cosmetics offers you seven active ingredient serums for the seven most important skin needs:

  • skin dryness
  • Skin redness (irritation)
  • Pigment spots and shifts
  • blemishes (acne)
  • lines and wrinkles
  • loss of elasticity
  • anti-ageing

The products from MSB Cosmeceuticals® contain special, therapeutically active ingredients in a special concentration, which significantly improve your skin's appearance with consistent use.Through intensive research by leading developers, MSB Cosmetics are  more effective than conventional cosmetic care products.The latest findings from skin research are always incorporated into the further development of MSB products.The highest quality and the greatest possible safety are guaranteed.When using MSB Cosmeceuticals®, the highly effective ingredients have a visible immediate effect.You can also satisfy the particularly complex demands of your skin at home with MSB professional cosmetics, because the effective principle leaves nothing to be desired.

Fruit acids are ideal care components for various skin conditions, because they contain both keratolytic and keratoplastic substances. This means that the MSB products with organic fruit acids have a softening and dissolving effect on cornification and dead skin cells. On the other hand, they also support the regeneration of skin cells. The fruit acids are very effective and make a significant contribution to the care of the upper layers of the skin. Although mechanical peelings with abrasive particles are widespread, the facial skin is severely affected and micro-injuries occur. MSB cosmetics with fruit acids, on the other hand, exfoliate the skin very finely and mildly on the surface, without any major risk of irritation.

Fruit acids from MSB support the effective treatment of:

  • fine wrinkles
  • sagging tissue
  • dull, lackluster, pale and rough complexion
  • light-induced pigment spots
  • different forms of acne
  • superficial skin scars
  • impure and coarse-pored skin

The basic care of MSB cosmetics begins with a thorough facial cleansing. It removes sebum, dirt and make-up. Cleansing  forms the basis  for the following care, because first the skin must be freed from everything  that prevents it from breathing freely. Only when dead skin cells and cornifications have been specifically loosened and removed can the care products be absorbed more easily and better. After a thorough cleansing of the face, this also increases the positive effect of the MSB special and  final care. For special care include serums to prevent wrinkles for mature skin, fresh cream masks or intensively soothing and moisturizing gels for dry facial skin. The final care protects the skin from external influences with an invisible, smooth protective film. 

You can order all products here directly in the muse BEAUTY shop .

The ingenious care system solves the different and complex demands for perfect skin care in a simple but effective way. MSB offers tailor-made products to restore and maintain beautiful, attractive skin.

The skin can be effectively cared for from the basic products such as the fruit acids to the special products that work specifically on the care goal and the final care products. MSB ®  offers a range of professional facial care products specifically for the most important skin needs:

Professional treatments for at home...

The MSB ® treatment concept offers tailor-made treatments with the possibility of responding individually to your different complexions and care needs.

Every skin has different needs. With our 7 professional active ingredient serums, in conjunction with the fruit acids, MSB ®  covers a wide range of applications.

7 active ingredient serums for the 7 most important skin needs:

• Skin dryness
• Skin redness (irritation)
• Pigment spots and displacements
• Impurities (acne)
• Lines and wrinkles
• Loss of elasticity
• Anti-aging

There are many reasons why wrinkles form. The main cause is natural aging. With advancing age, the skin produces less collagen and elastin, loses elasticity and cell renewal slows down. We cannot stop these processes, we can only slow them down through good care. However, certain behaviors and environmental influences also cause small lines and wrinkles to appear. They gradually get bigger and at some point can no longer be overlooked. How do wrinkles form and how can you counteract this process with appropriate care!

How are lines and wrinkles formed?

The following habits and influences can cause wrinkles:

  • Dry skin
  • Lack of care
  • Visits to the solarium
  • Smoking
  • muscle movements
  • pollution

Sunlight and smoking have the greatest impact on “skin's visible age”. Pollutants also leave their mark. They cause so-called oxidation processes on the skin, resulting in the formation of free radicals and inflammatory factors that lead to accelerated skin aging. Another cause is the "natural aging process" of the skin, which is always genetically influenced. From the mid-thirties, cell renewal slows down more and more, the skin regenerates more slowly and has poorer blood circulation.

Thorough and quality grooming is an essential part of preventing wrinkles. MSB products are divided into different categories so that you can see at first glance which item is suitable for what. In order to meet the needs of your skin, we recommend the following care program:

Basic care

A good care routine begins with a thorough cleansing of the skin. Use the Quick & Clean Eye Make-up Remover or the Cleanser 2+ for this . They free the skin gently and reliably from everything that is deposited on it. A peeling is worthwhile at regular intervals, especially the Natural Peel med or the Glyco Peel med . Both work with fruit acid.

 Special care

No matter what care was used as a base, you can now continue with a caring serum. We recommend the Sensitive Hydro Gel Serum , it smoothes and firms the skin and restores its balance. The set of the Alpha-Trophos Liquid Mask is suitable for special care . The gentle fleece masks ensure a flawless complexion and have an immediate skin-smoothing, firming effect. You can also put an end to dark circles under your eyes.

 Final care

The conclusion of the daily care ritual is a cream that is ideally tailored to the respective skin type. Dry skin needs moisture, the  Face Cream and the  Extra Rich Face Cream are ideal for this. If you tend to have sensitive skin, we recommend the Sensitive Cream for sensitive skin. It has a calming effect, supplies moisture and stimulates the natural regeneration process. You can do something good for your eyes and lips with MSB Eye Cream and MSB Lip Booster .

 Sun care

In addition to the daily routine, you can finish by applying a good sunscreen. The Sun Protection Cream SPF 50 goes perfectly with the MSB After Sun Body , which you can apply in the evening after a sunny day.

Pigment spots or disorders are changes in the color of the skin that can occur in a wide variety of parts of the body. But especially on visible parts of the body, such as the face, they bother those affected the most. As different as the types of pigment disorders are, the factors that lead to them are just as different. In most cases, pigment spots form due to impaired pigment production (melanin) in the skin cells, sun exposure or diseases.

Melanin is a color pigment that is produced by the body and gives skin, hair and eyes their individual shade. It also protects against harmful UV rays and heat.
If melanin is not produced locally or is produced excessively, a so-called pigment disorder occurs. White (depigmentation) or darker patches (hyperpigmentation) appear on the skin.

Pigment disorders can be genetic or hormonal, but they can also be caused by external influences. As a rule, pigment spots are harmless and do not need to be treated. This is usually done “only” for aesthetic reasons. Nevertheless, it should be clarified whether the problem is purely cosmetic.

In the case of both over- and under-pigmentation, it makes sense to protect the skin from the sun's rays. It is therefore particularly important for this skin type to use sun care products consistently, if possible with a medium to high sun protection factor.

In addition, MSB ® also offers you professional facial care products for this area - from facial cleansing to active ingredient serums to final care.

The boundaries between dry and sensitive skin are often blurred. Sensitive, sensitive skin  often lacks moisture and natural, protective fatty acids .

The horny layer and the protective acid mantle of the skin normally ensure that external influences cannot harm it. Whether it's heat, cold, wind, stress or the wrong care products - sensitive skin usually reacts more quickly with irritation, inflammatory or allergic reactions. If the natural protective barrier is not intact or if irritation gets out of hand, the skin loses its balance and itching, redness, burning etc. occurs.

How strongly the skin reacts to external stimuli varies and is strongly dependent on the skin type. If she is naturally sensitive, the  reactions to it are correspondingly more frequent and severe. Therefore, this skin type needs a lot of attention and, above all, the right care.

The goal of caring for sensitive, reddened skin should be to soothe the skin and permanently strengthen its natural protective barrier. Facial care that has been specially designed for sensitive skin often contains soothing active ingredients.

Special active ingredient serums with a particularly high concentration of active ingredients are characterized by a light texture, which means that the concentrate can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Ideal for soothing and moisturizing sensitive skin.

MSB®  offers you professional facial care products especially for sensitive, sensitive skin - from facial cleansing to active ingredient serums to final care.

Our skin is the “mirror of our soul” . Healthy, supple skin is a sign that we are doing well and that we feel comfortable in our own skin. Dry skin, on the other hand, looks dull and dull and leaves an uncomfortable feeling of tension. It contracts like parchment and we crack. Wrinkles then develop earlier, especially on the face. 

Dry skin can have many different causes

On the one hand, it can be hereditary, on the other hand, everyday situations can also be the reason for it. Incorrect care habits such as insufficient or excessive body care attack the skin. Cold or heat, sun and UV radiation weaken the skin barrier function and accelerate the loss of moisture and fats. Irritants such as chemical substances that are found in cleaning and washing agents, for example, attack the skin's surface directly.  

Internal influences also cause the skin to become dry. Inadequate fluid intake, heavy sweating, smoking, alcohol, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, stress or hormonal changes affect the skin. The natural aging process of the skin also plays a role.

In general, rich creams that continuously moisturise, soothe and nourish the skin are particularly suitable for the care of dry skin.

MSB ®  offers you professional facial care products for this - from facial cleansing to active ingredient serums to final care.

Wrinkle-free, looking young forever - that's what almost everyone wants. It begins imperceptibly at first, but unstoppably, and one day the consequences can no longer be overlooked: skin aging leaves its mark on the face. As early as around the age of 30, the skin begins to age  and visibly change.

Essentially, this process depends on two factors: the individual genetic predisposition and the stress on the skin caused by external factors such as UV rays and lifestyle. As a result, changes in skin structure and function are ultimately visible and noticeable on the outside. The skin is scaly, sagging and brittle, with deeper wrinkles and folds. As the  elastic fibers  weaken, the youthful tension is lost. However, we can influence many of these factors.

No effective anti-aging care works without thorough cleansing and a suitable peeling. If the facial skin is gently peeled off several times a week with fruit acid or peelings, for example, this ensures free pores and a  more beautiful complexion . If you tend to redness, you should rather use an enzymatic peeling. Old skin cells are thereby removed and the valuable, highly concentrated ingredients of serums can now better penetrate the lower layers of the skin. Finally, apply a care cream, preferably with a medium to high sun protection factor, since  UV protection  is the most effective way to permanently prevent wrinkles.

MSB ®  offers you professional facial care products for this - from facial cleansing to active ingredient serums to final care.

The skin is our largest organ and, along with the liver, kidneys and intestines, is one of the largest detoxification organs in the human body. If the body is burdened with toxins, this is also noticeable on the skin. The so-called waste products are excreted via the sebaceous glands and promote the formation of pimples and blackheads there.

If the skin's sebaceous glands produce excessive amounts of sebum and clog the hair follicles, if impurities such as dirt, fat or sweat particles penetrate the skin, this can trigger small inflammations in the skin, which causes unsightly pimples.

Sun, high-fat creams and medicines can cause pimples. It is often external factors such as an unhealthy diet, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of sleep or psychological stress that promote the development of skin blemishes.

Genetic predisposition plays a major role in the development of acne. Acne is a skin condition that goes beyond blemishes and requires special treatment or skin care. Good results can be achieved with regular cosmetic treatments. However, anyone who permanently suffers from skin blemishes that are severely inflamed should be treated by a specialist.

The use of high-fat creams, which also clog the pores, is also counterproductive. It is therefore advisable to use a light, moisturizing cream. To further improve the complexion, soothing masks can also help.

MSB ®  offers you professional facial care products for this - from facial cleansing to active ingredient serums to final care.